I’ve worked in the travel industry since 1981, primarily with destination resorts, cities, towns, counties, scenic byways, national parks, states, and provinces throughout North America—helping them become destinations YOU would want to visit.


Over the years, I’ve also traveled to Ireland, Sweden, Greece, the island nation of Mauritius, France, Italy, Austria, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Denmark, and most recently, Switzerland. My favorite hobby, SCUBA diving, has allowed me to spend some amazing time in the Caribbean Islands as well as in Fiji and Hawaii.


All this work and play keeps me on the road well over 200 days a year. I’ve logged millions of air miles and thousands of road miles. I've spent a lot of time discovering amazing attractions and wonderful people in big cities, small towns, and tiny villages.


Some of the world’s best destinations are right here in North America, and among my favorites are places you’ve probably never heard of. But these hidden gems are absolutely worth a special trip.


So, join me as I share my favorite places in North America with specific "must-do" activities and lots of details, and along the way I’ll also share my tips and tricks to make your travels easier, more fun, and incredibly rewarding.

About Me

I've traveled to every state and province and I will be your personal guide to experience North America's hidden gems. Let's hit the road!

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